Here, scouts and adults camp in cabins just north of Hackettstown, NJ. The cabins are heated and each camp has a lodge with a full-service kitchen where the annual “Leaders Cook For the Boys” meal is held – for over a decade, the Draghi family has come together to cook troop members and their families a delicious meal. Before them, Mr. Villardi would make big pots of soup and his famous dessert to serve to scouts and leaders.

At Merry Heart, Scouts would play floor hockey in the empty swimming pool. If the weather was very cold, scouts would ice-skate on the nearby pond, too. And if it snowed, there’s a giant sloped hill ideal for sledding where the races began. Regardless of the weather, the scouts always played games outside at night – in the 90s, it was a great team game of capture the flag; today it’s “manhunt,” also known as hide-and-seek.

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Camp Merry Heart Website
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