While we pride ourselves on being a “boy-led” troop, we would be nothing if not for our gracious volunteer leaders. Rightfully so, many of our leaders have been awarded and given high honors over the years. Below are those leaders and the respective awards they have earned.

Black River District Award of Merit Recipients

This BSA District-level award is given to exceptional adult leaders who are nominated by their fellow troop members.

Elsie Hemmings2004
Al Thomson2005
James Kowalak2005
Jim Maguire2005
Dave Michaeli2006
Dave Greeley2006
Tony Cretella2009
Ed Modugno2009
Robert Falcone2016

BSA District Award of Merit Plaque and Knot Patch

Black River District’s BEST Award Recipients

This Black River District exclusive award is given to adult leaders who go above and beyond to help make Scouting happen. These leaders are nominated by their fellow troop members.

Rich Mastriani2012
Timothy Gelsinger2013
Bruce Perry2015
Eric Degen2016
Steve Fritsch2016
John Olejar2017
Debi Pinelli2018
Black River District PPC BSA Patch

Silver Beaver Award Recipients

This award is for distinguished and outstanding service to the youth of the Patriots’ Path Council and is the highest BSA Council-level award.

Al Thomson
Tony Cretella
James Kowalak
Jim Maguire
Ed Modugno

BSA Silver Beaver Award Medal and Knot Patch