Eagle Scout NameEagle Date
1James E. Moon8/14/90
2Jered T. White5/2/91
3Keith S. Appelbaum9/9/92
4Kevin Haynes8/14/93
5Michael Haynes7/18/94
6Benjamin F. Armstrong3/20/95
7Timothy M. Casey3/14/96
8Brian T. Wills9/23/96
9John S. Misdary12/3/96
10Matthew T. Dellibovi1/6/97
11Jonathon W. Greeley1/14/98
12Timothy S. Doucette2/11/98
13Carl Walter Brand10/29/98
14Edwin Modugno, Jr.3/10/01
15Ian Thomson6/25/01
16Jimmy Reade7/11/01
17Keith J. Stolte4/10/02
18Gregson E. Mathe8/13/02
19Marc Joseph Draghi10/1/02
20Darren Michael Zega10/29/02
21Joseph Jerome Coyne12/27/02
22Thomas Modugno3/30/03
23Brian Fitzpatrick3/21/04
24Christopher Draghi7/26/04
25Peter R. Ceran5/27/05
26James E. Kowalak6/22/05
27Daniel Lennon7/29/05
28Ryan Gelsinger4/6/06
29Daniel Callahan7/24/06
30Doug Falcone8/8/06
31David Huson12/6/06
32Eric Draghi7/26/07
33Craig Draghi8/14/07
34Nicholas Tepfenhart9/18/07
35Christopher Hendricks9/19/07
36David Kent11/13/07
37Greg Hatcher11/28/07
38Matthew Gelsinger12/11/07
39Eric Stricker3/25/08
40Chris Rec4/8/08
41Evan Wykoff5/14/08
42Charlie Adler8/14/08
43Matt Elchison9/18/08
44Mike Clark10/12/08
45Brent Roehrich1/31/09
46Rob Falcone2/12/09
47Bryan Dickson6/22/09
48Ross Wykoff11/11/09
49Justin Guenther12/29/09
50Brandon Farnsworth6/21/10
51Scott Elchison7/7/10
52Joe Tepfenhart7/12/10
53Brendan Stokes9/1/10
54Ryan Stone 7/18/11
55Connor Hatcher8/16/11
56John Carkitto1/5/12
57Jeffrey Garry1/19/12
58Chris Mazzei5/1/12
59Dan Mazzei5/8/12
60Alex Falvey7/28/12
61Christian Paolella7/29/12
62Thomas Maguire8/13/12
63Cody Gelsinger8/21/12
64Kurt Stenger9/18/12
65Tim Santos10/6/12
66Brian Kluse10/28/12
67Sam Walczuk3/21/13
68Austin Farnsworth4/16/13
69Michael Schommer5/7/13
70Jeff D'Ambola9/14/13
71John Craig Borman1/27/14
72Zach Plocic7/12/14
73Greg Engemann8/2/14
74Nicholas Masiello12/27/14
75John Madaras3/10/15
76Brian Degen3/18/15
77Collin Petronella 4/8/15
78Sean Roehrich6/16/15
79Sam Uong7/27/15
80Joe Harmon8/24/15
81Tyler Longo12/15/15
82Trey Mastriani12/22/15
83Nathan Schommer4/20/16
84Jimmy Cantwell7/25/16
85Seth Kourpas8/27/16
86Tyler Haas11/1/16
87Dan Garry11/2/16
88Charles Roehrich1/24/17
89Tim Carpenter3/21/17
90Joe Pinelli8/22/17
91Dylan Nielsen1/17/18
92Seth Hanchett3/13/18
93Sam Pontier5/22/18
94Alberto Garza Gomez6/5/18
95Hudson McFarland2/5/19
96Robert Moorehead2/19/19
97Nicholas Fleming3/19/19

Eagle Palms

After earning the rank of Eagle Scout and before turning 18 years old, a Scout may continue to earn merit badges, serve in a position of responsibility, and live the Scout Oath and Law in their everyday life to earn additional merits known as Palms.

A Palm is awarded for completing five additional merit badges, holding a position of responsibility and only after three months from the previous award (Eagle Scout rank or another palm).

So Scout Johnny Doe earned his Eagle at age 17. Over the next three months, he earns five more merit badges while serving as the Troop’s Senior Patrol Leader. After a board of review, Johnny earns his Bronze Palm. Johnny continues and five more merit badges and three months later, Johnny earns his Gold Palm. Again, five additional merit badges and three months after that, Johnny earns his Silver Palm.

If Johnny were younger, he could keep doing this and earning palm after palm. To represent these palms, some of our Eagle Scouts have one of the following palms next to their name:

bronze palm

Bronze (five additional merit badges, position of responsibility, three months active membership)


Gold (ten additional merit badges, position of responsibility, six months active membership)


silver palmSilver (fifteen additional merit badges, position of responsibility, nine months active membership)


silver palmbronze palmDouble Bronze (twenty additional merit badges, position of responsibility, twelve months active membership)