Camping is a big part of what we do in the Boy Scouts. As a Troop, we embark on at least one weekend campout a month. Camping is a great way for Scouts to get outdoors, learn new skills, bond with their Patrols, and experience new things with their Troop.

The Troop provides scouts with tents and patrol boxes complete with stoves and cooking supplies. Depending on the campout, Patrols will meet (usually at a Troop meeting) to plan their food menu for the campout. Thus, as a Patrol, the Scouts are responsible for coordinating the food they have on a campout.

After this, it is up to the Scout to bring all of the necessary gears, clothes, and necessities they need for the campout. Depending on the weather, the location, and the duration of the campout, the items a Scout will need to bring may change.

Below is an email written by former SPL and Eagle Scout Ryan (with some edits by the webmaster) that details what some essentials are for almost every campout. Follow this list and you or your Scout will be prepared for the next Troop campout:

“A camp out-especially your first one-is an exciting experience, but you want to be prepared for the camp out with what you bring. That being said, before I give out a list of all the necessary items you as a scout will need to bring on the next camp out, let me tell you guys what you will need, generally, for every camp out.

First off, you always need a sleeping bag, and most times you will need a sleeping pad. A nalgene is always required as it is your personal source of water – always remember to stay hydrated! A personal first aid kid, mess kit, rain gear, flashlight, and clothes are all necessary items to pack with you on every camp out.

As far as clothes go, there is one important thing to always remember: stay away from cotton! Polyester, polypropylene, and nylon are the best clothing materials to wear on camp outs because they are comfortable and can keep you warm and dry. Once cotton gets wet, it stays wet, and that can be a big problem on camp outs; so do not bring/wear jeans. This also goes for socks! Wool socks are best, and liners would be great along with the wool socks — stay away from white or black cotton socks (that includes the Boy Scout socks)! Also, boots are a must! They are more durable and water-resistant than sneakers and will keep your feet dry, which will keep you happy. Always bring enough clothes for everyday of the trip! You might not need them or change into them, but it is always a smart idea to be prepared and bring ‘extra’ clothes, just in case.

Other optional items you might wish to include are toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.), compass, pocket knife (only if you have your Totin Chit), pillow (small), lantern, and any other item you might wish to include. However, electronics should not be used during a camp out. If you have a cell phone and your parents want you to take it just in case of an emergency, that is fine, but electronic devices should not be in use during a camp out.

If you follow this, you should do great in packing for a camp out. Below you can find a list of everything you will need for this weekend (you may wish to bring other things on the list):

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • clothes
  • boots
  • compass (a nature hike might be part of the program activities)
  • personal first aid kit
  • mess kit
  • flashlight
  • toiletries
  • nalgene


If you have any questions or comments or concerns, please feel free to talk to anyone in the Senior Patrol. We are looking forward to many great weekends with the scouts and hope they have a lot of fun!”