The troop holds multiple Courts of Honor throughout the year to award scouts with rank advancement, merit badges and awards. The first Court of Honor of each year is held in September. In 1995, the first September campout was a Court of Honor held at Steven State Park. Scout leader Mr. Draghi and his sons would cook a delicious dinner for the leaders, scouts and their families. Eventually, the Court of Honor campout moved to Voorhees State Park, but the number of attendees grew to be too large for both the camp and the Draghi family to effectively handle. Around 2006, the September Court of Honor ceased being held as a campout and instead moved to St. Mark’s where it’s held as an indoor ceremony with light refreshments afterwards.

The troop still gets to enjoy the Draghi family’s excellent cooking, however, as they come out to the winter Court of Honor, which is held at either Merry Heart or Vasa Park. The third and final Court of Honor of the year is also held at St. Mark’s and is similar to that of the September Court of Honor. It is at the June Court of Honor that the new SPL for the upcoming year is announced.

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