The Order of the Arrow (OA) is considered somewhat of a “secret” organization within the Boy Scouts of America. Really, it’s a National Honor Society within the Boy Scouts. In order to enter the Order of the Arrow, a scout must be voted in by his troop. Once voted in, a scout must attend an Ordeal weekend where they camp and learn about the Order, which is supposed to be a secret to those outside the Order. After successfully completing their Ordeal, scouts are welcomed into the Order and may return for their Brotherhood. Brotherhood is the next step up in the OA.

To become a Brotherhood member, scouts must return to another weekend with the OA, but their experiences are different from that of Ordeal members. With years of dedication and service to the OA, in addition to demonstrating the Scout Oath and Law in their everyday lives, Brotherhood members may be elected into the Vigil – the highest rank in the OA. Patriots’ Path Council’s OA Lodge is Woapalane, which came after the Patriots’ Path Council merger in 1999.

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