In the past when the troop has gone here, the scouts and leaders stayed in separate cabins. On this campout, the main attraction is the field of ringing rocks. These rocks quite literally ring when hit with something like a hammer; it’s a very interesting thing to hear. Infamously, Scoutmaster Mr. Modugno re-banned Pop-Tarts on campouts (he had banned them back in 1998 along with Enzo’s boxed pizza, candy bars and cans of soda, but somehow they resurfaced over the years). This second ban was after a Pop-Tart breakfast at Ringing Rocks in 2006, citing the fact that they were unhealthy and, even more importantly, lazy. For this reason, pop-tarts haven’t been on a Troop 236 menu for some time (a few have snuck in there, though); instead, we now like to cook hot, hearty breakfasts.

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