In the winter, the troop heads up to the North Summit Climbing Gym in Wind Gap, PA for a night of pizza, rock climbing, and bonding with fellow scouts and leaders. It’s no wonder this trip remains one of the most popular year-in and year-out.

The troop arrives at the gym around 9pm. There is usually other people still rock climbing, so the scouts wait upstairs or in the lobby. Once the last customers leave, the gym is locked up for the troop. Scouts and leaders then have all night to rock climb; a few staff members stick around the whole night, too. Adult leaders will be trained and then belay the scouts as they climb. There’s pizza, soda and ice cream and all the fun you can have in this awesome facility. By 2am, everyone is usually tired enough that it’s lights out and everyone sleeps on the soft tire “floor” or upstairs on the gym mats. The next morning we are treated to a classic diner breakfast and then we head home.

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