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Link Description
Eagle Scout Application Required form. Submit to local council upon completion of Eagle Scout project, merit badges, service hours, Scoutmaster’s Conference & Board of Review.
Eagle Scout Workbook Your write-up and workbook to document your Eagle Scout project process.
Time Extension Request To request an extension on your Eagle Scout rank, fill out the form here.
The Eagle Scout Project Process Get step-by-step instructions on the Eagle Scout Project process, from the day you turn Life until the day of your Eagle Board of Review.



Below are some commonly asked question in regards to attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. In addition, various steps of the Eagle Scout Project process have been answered.

Please refer to the advancement requirements in the back of your Boy Scout Handbook. The requirements can also be found on the Scouting.org web site.
No, the Eagle Scout project can, and should, be started any time after attaining the rank of Life Scout.
A valid project requires you to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, school, or to your community. The project must benefit an organization other than Boy Scouting. Typically the project will be for a non-profit organization. However, a project associated with a for-profit organization that benefits the community (e.g. doing work for a nursing home that will benefit the elderly residents) is acceptable.
You can speak with the leaders of any religious institution, civic organization such as the VFW or community organization such as the local recreational department to determine what work project they have that may qualify for an Eagle Project. You can also speak with one of the Troop’s Eagle Coaches who have resources available to them to help you identify a project.
You should discuss your project with one of the Troop’s Eagle Coaches to verify that it qualifies as an Eagle Project. You also need to get verbal approval of your proposed project from the Troop’s Scoutmaster.
You now need to complete the write-up of your “Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal”. The forms for this write-up are found in the “Eagle Scout Service Workbook” which can be downloaded from Scouting.org.
Yes, all work must be done using this workbook. You should download the workbook onto your computer’s hard drive and save it with a name that will identify it as your proposal write-up (e.g. John Doe’s Eagle Project). Your proposal must be typed into the boxes provided in the workbook for each question asked. All questions must be answered, even if they seem to be redundant to a previous question.
All sections of the “Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal” must be completed. This includes the cover page, the contact information page and the response to all of the questions asked in the proposal pages. These are “Proposal Pages A-E” in the workbook. Additionally, you must complete the one-page Fund Raising Application found toward the back of the workbook. All answers must be consistent throughout the proposal.
Your write-up needs to be reviewed and approved by one of the Troop’s Eagle Coaches. This is an important step because it will save you a lot of time and aggravation when you seek your approval signatures. Your Coach will work with you to get your proposal in shape to streamline to approval process.
You are now ready to get the four approval signatures you need to begin working on your project. The first approval must come from your Project Sponsor. After getting the Project Sponsor’s signature you need to get your Scoutmaster and your Committee Chairperson to sign-off on your project plan.
This will be your District Advisor who will be assigned to you by Council. After you get the three signatures mentioned in the above question you need to work with your Eagle Coach who will advise you on how to get a District Advisor assigned to you.
Absolutely not! No physical work or fund raising can begin before you have full approval of your project proposal.
No, this is an optional section. The adult leadership of the Troop strongly encourages all Eagle candidates to complete this detailed project plan as experience has showed that this level of detailed planning makes for a more efficient execution of the project. However, it is left to the Eagle candidate’s discretion whether he wants to complete this section or not.
Upon completion of the project the Eagle candidate needs to complete all of the sections of the “Eagle Scout Service Project Report” also found in the workbook. Once this section is complete it must be reviewed and approved by the candidate’s Coach. After receiving the Coach’s verbal approval the Eagle Candidate needs to get his Project Sponsor and his Scoutmaster to sign-off on the project and his final write-up.
Yes, once you have completed all of your requirements you need to schedule a conference with your Scoutmaster.
If you have not completed all of your merit badges required for the rank of Eagle Scout you must complete the remaining badges. After completing all of the requirements necessary for the rank you will work with the Troop’s Committee Chairperson to get the Eagle Scout Rank application filled out and get your board of review scheduled.
After the successful completion of your board of review you are awarded the Eagle Scout rank.