2008 Klondike Results Letter

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Troop 236 Families:

Here is the official “Down load from the Derby”.

My apologies for not getting this out sooner, but -and I have no problem admitting this- I slept most of the remainder of Sunday evening and then it was off to work and the committee meeting on Monday. I know many of you have not heard the word or may have heard the rumors (all good) and have patiently awaited my Report.

As you surely know – I am a big fan and promoter of what I like to call the Premier Outdoor Scouting Skills Competition – the Klondike Derby.

I also like to let the boys know when I am impressed. So, let me start out by saying “Wow! Am I impressed!”

Rather than try to find just the right words of praise for the boys and leaders at this year’s Derby, I’d like instead to bullet some of the highlights, as follows:

    • 22 Scouts and 8 Leaders turned out to represent our Troop and participate in this great Black River District event. Based on the turnout, we were able to field three teams, expanding the opportunity for leadership and sportsmanship (and craftsmanship since we had to build another sled)
    • The trip was saved right from the start by Mr. Elchison, Mrs. Farnsworth and Mrs. Rec who admirably volunteered to help shuttle the big turnout up to camp!
    • The new sled, built with Mr. Modugno’s ultralite design, performed, as I’m told, like a dream.
    • Overnight low and daytime high temps were about 15 F and about 28 F respectively, and nobody got frostbite  thanks to proper use of  OKPIK (BSA cold weather camping) training techniques.
    • Hot and Tasty food was plentiful Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Carkitto and it is all about the food!
    • I was stopped by several Scouter colleagues and told how impressed they were with Troop 236’s Scout spirit and skills at the various stations.
    • The Feasting Horn could be heard throughout the camp, revealing the whereabouts of one of our teams, almost at all times….
    • Mr. Olejar and Mr. Masiello performed their first ever sled inspections at Icy Bay Inspection Station!
    • Mr. Farnsworth took some outstanding photos, be sure to check those out via the distributed weblink.
    • Our boys showed up to dinner all in Class A uniforms (only Troop that did so) AND stayed to help the District volunteers cleanup and set up between dinner and the movie Good work Troop!


Well, all three of our teams finished in the top ten – that’s out of 44 teams from 19 Troops!


Congratulations to all the participants!  We can be very proud of the Troop’s performance. Absolutely first rate.

Let me close with this quote:

“There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment “

– Norman Vincent Peale,  Author of The Power of Positive Thinking

– Mr. Maguire


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