Troop 236 Newsletter April 2008

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Sorry to be so late on the reviews of the campouts.

In late September we had the Cub Scout camporee where we introduced the Webelos to our troop for the first time. On that campout each troop had a Klondike station where we taught the Webelos about some of our scouting skills. Our Klondike station was fire building. We also had a chili cook-off between the four troops. I can’t remember who won since it was such a long time ago (also I don’t like chili) but I’m sure we did well.

Two weeks later we had the district camporee and a Civil War reenactment during it. We had lots of fun and learned the commands of the Civil War. We also got to see an actual six pound cannon being fired. The next day we got to reenact the war but with wooden carved guns, not actual rifles.

The next campout was the West Point trip. During this trip, it was very cold. Everybody stayed in a cabin for the two nights (except me and the Wykoff brothers who stayed in tents). Before we saw the football game against Tulsa, in which cannons were fired every time West Point scored, we went to a museum that showed pieces of past wars that the U.S. was involved in. After the upsetting loss to Tulsa, our troop met with a West Point student who graduated from West Morris Central and gave us a tour of the campus. He also explained how strict the rules were on campus.

The next campout was the Merry Heart campout which is where we got to meet the Webelos for the last time before they bridged over. It was a lot of fun (especially because we didn’t have to cook) and we got to play a huge game of man hunt too. the worst part though was cleaning; we had to clean 3 cabins and mop them too.

The next trip was the scouting event of the year the Klondike Derby. this is where all the scouts in the district get to meet up and test there scout skills against each other. This event is also tough because it is very cold too but that didn’t stop us we still went on to set a troop record for getting all 3 patrols in the top 10. The order was: The Screaming Eagles, who came in 4th, The Feasting Tigers, who came in 9th, and The Garden Gnomes who came in 10th.

The next campout was the Ringing Rocks campout which was lots of fun. When we got to our cabin there was a huge for built up to a tree that was strong enough in some areas to hold my weight. Later on we went to the ringing rocks field that was really cool. The rocks were huge and when you hit them they made a hollow ringing sound even though they weren’t hollow. When we came back our cabin was freezing so we got the fire started again and got the temp. up to 75 degrees!

After that we had the Winnebego campout where the new scouts got to camp with us for the first time. On this campout we went to the rifle range or if you had a position of leadership like me you had to stay in the cabin and get a leadership presentation. Later on after lunch some kids went to split wood for the campground while others stayed back at their site and set up the patrol tarps. That night we had a nice game of manhunt but it sadly ended with me twisting my ankle very badly so I had to get an ankle brace made out of a neckerchief by Cody G. and go back to the cabin.

– Zach P.

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